Off Air Channels

(Ch 5 CBS, Ch 12 ABC, Ch 19 PBS, Ch 25 NBC, Ch 46 CW, Ch 49 TCT, and Ch 66 FOX)

If you notice that any of these channels are not working while other channels are working it is due to the fact that we are to far north to reliably receive the signal from down south

Currently as of March 2019 (From here using our office tower location)

Channel Number Channel Callsign Network Distance to VEI Tower FCC Signal Strength Transmit Power Transmit Height (Above Sea-Level) FCC Signal Map
5 WNEM CBS 48 Miles Moderate Signal 907 kW 456.7 Meters Signal Map
12 WJRT ABC 63 Miles Weak Signal 30 kW 477.5 Meters Signal Map
19 WDCQ PBS 46 Miles Strong Signal 200 kW 495.9 Meters Signal Map
25 WEYI NBC 66 Miles Weak Signal 193 kW 565.3 Meters Signal Map
46 WBSF CW 47 Miles Weak Signal 25 kW 489.7 Meters Signal Map
49 WAQP TCT 64 Miles Weak Signal 837 kW 479.9 Meters Signal Map
66 WSMH FOX 63 Miles Weak Signal 48 kW (Directional Antenna Pointed Away from our tower. 556.9 Meters Signal Map